The Top Secret Article Marketing Tips For Writing An Article That Produces Massive Traffic

Have you ever wondered why some articles just jump to the first page of Google while others stay unnoticed and never get the recognition they deserved in the first place? For some it can be very annoying that they have used hours on writing this incredible content article but it never makes it the spotlight. The name of the game is SEO or Search Engine Optimisation. This means that you write an article with all the tweaks and techniques that makes search engines like Google rank it high for a specific keyword. So lets say you want to have en article that gets seen 50-100 times a day by different individuals or unique visitors. Imagine what this could do for your business or your personal brand.. Imagine having multiple articles like this out there an watch your particular business grow exponentially.. You will need to fully embrace SEO techniques to get this amount of traffic for your article and that is why I have written down the most effective Article Marketing Tips.

Article Marketing Tip #1 You Wanna Create High-end Educational Unique Content That Positions You As An Expert In Your Niche!

I assume that you are already writing high-content articles. If not, then don’t worry, it is not that difficult. You just want to do some research on your particular subject by going on the internet and search for it in Google, read books or ask your peers. See, it is very important that it is content rich because you want to give as much value to people as possible. There is a saying that “Your pay check is determined by how much value you provide for the people you serve or targeting.”

Article Marketing Tip #2 The Article Title And Header

To make people jump into your article you want to have an interesting title that sucks people like a sponge. For your title use catchy hype words, but don’t over do it and remember to be genuine. And a last thing, remember to have your keyword in the title also but more on that later.

Article Marketing Tip #3 The Article Summary

Here you have a chance to give a little sneak peak of your article. In this section you should write some of the benefits people will receive by reading your article. But keep it short in 2-5 sentences. And it is important here that you make it clear what kind of niche you are talking about. Your main keyword should also be placed here.

What you shouldn’t do here is promoting yourself or your brand and the article title. Just write about the content of the article!

Article Marketing Tip #4 The Article Body

First of all keep your article down to 500-700 words. This is critical for getting the best possible ranking. Too many words will scare the readers away and that is more harmful than good is.

Write your content so that the wider audience can understand the point and not just the people who know the terms and shortened words for your specific industry and niche.

What you can do to make the look of your article more attractive is breaking it into paragraphs and number the bullet points, pretty much like I’m doing here.
To make it more SEO (this meant Search Engine Optimisation) friendly you should write your specific keywords at least 4 or 5 times in the article body.

All in all, this is where you give a lot of value without taking or getting anything!

This means that, no links to your website and no sales pitch here! Wait with that!

Article Marketing Tip #5 The author resource box or end of article

This part is the main reason why we write the article in the first place. Because here is where we get to “take” so to speak. Here we are able to put 1-2 links directing to our site. You should also have something valuable to your readers, something they can benefit highly from in a form of a call to action.

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